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Free album download for music based on Silent Hill games

December 18, 2014

The Silent Hill community has been getting bigger and bigger over the years, and rightly so, as it has literally become what seems like the most popular survival horror game thus far, opinion of course. So much so that a group of musicians from around the world have brought to you and I a collection of music tracks that are based on the game series.

This release actually took place in October of 2012, so while it isn't new, the fact that it is now a free album download is.

That's right, 43 tracks in total, and it even comes with a nice handy 65 page book with the original artwork intact. How well received is the album?, elementary dear Watson as even Silent Hill music composer Akira Yamaoka took to listening to the album and loved what he heard. Just another reminder of popular it has become when you get an endorsement from Mister Akira himself.

The name of the album is "Music From The Lost Days: A Silent Hill Community Tribute Project". A very fitting name indeed since the music itself is inspired from it so much. Below you can sample each track right now, along with the option to both share and download the album for free.

Simply click the download button, and from the original Bandcamp site where it's hosted a prompt will pop up where you can enter an amount in dollars and cents. If you choose to enter an amount with the intention of purchasing the download, then feel free to do it.

If you want to download it for free then simply enter the amount of 0.00 and your download link will appear on the left. If you like what you hear, give me some feedback and leave your comment in the comment section below.

If you personally have something you would like to share where you or a friend has done something similar to making your own game based music, then submit the link with your comment and I will gladly consider it for an article on this blog.

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