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Free album download for Silent Hill inspired music

November 27, 2014

Free is good right? Especially when you're getting a chance to listen to your favorite video game music soundtrack. Larry Russell makes the grade in that department with a cool release called Nocturne. What is so special about it?, well elementary dear gaming fans as this one takes some inspiration from the Silent Hill series.

Indeed, those creepy tracks you've been listening to all of these years have managed to bleed over into Larry's album, and after listening to a few select bytes, I can hear the inspiration come through. Those in the know will also know the name Akira Yamaoka, a die hard symbol of the long running SH era, who actually left Konami a few years ago, but his handy work still manages to live on through not only his well known "Silent Hill Band", but in the pride and joy of his fans, and Nocturne is the proof.

While you can listen to this music online for free, you also have the option to "Name Your Price" during the checkout feature that comes up when you try to download it. Select zero and you can begin your download. On the other hand, a bit of love extended in Larry Russell's direction is also a welcome option if you want to spot him a buck, or even a few bucks to show your appreciation for his work.

While you're at it, feel free to check out some of his other albums and sample some more music at his Bandcamp page. Oh yes, there is more where that came from you music lovers, so be sure to turn up your speakers.

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