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Free MP3 music download site for Castlevania releases

October 29, 2014

I never get tired of these, and just love to point them out for those of you that might not know about them. Here is another LARGE archive for music that you can download in mp3 format. This archive is pretty extensive and features mp3 songs from just about every Castlevania release ever made to date. Good gaming music is tough to come by in recent years.

The name of the site is Mr.P's Castlevania Realm and contains an MP3 archive for just about any game in the series you can think of. Not to mention if you back up to the root domain you'll notice a number of other items of interest as well. Such is the case for more in the multimedia department. After all, a good and free mp3 download site is hard to come by these days.

via Mr.Ps Castlevania Realm

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