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Frogger and the Idaho lottery do a fushion

October 27, 2014

Whether you are young or of an older audience, you might have sat down at one time or another to the classic game Frogger. Even last year Frogger Hyper Edition made its debut, taking an old hit and giving it a nice makeover. Well now you can play the game once again, only this time lottery style.

It's called Frogger the Scratch game and has made its debut in the lottery gambling market as a $5 ticket. It even gives players a second chance with a QR code that allows you to play online once again for shot at winnings. The next time you buy one of these scratch tickets, you have Pollard Banknote to thank for it.

"Frogger the Scratch GameTM in Idaho has been overwhelmingly successful with our players," said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. "The enduring brand equity of Frogger has allowed it to become the best-selling $5 Scratch Game in Idaho Lottery history. This is a great start to our relationship with Pollard Banknote and we look forward to building on this momentum."

"This is our first Frogger instant ticket launched at the $5 price point, and the sales success in Idaho is a true testament to the brand equity of this classic game," saidSina Aiello, Vice President, Marketing, Pollard Banknote. She added, "We are very excited that this popular game with extended play has appealed to the Idaho Lottery and its players who enjoy high-profile brands and fun, eye-catching ticket art."

The lottery has come a long way in terms of providing funding for schools, books, and education elements. It's nice to see a classic like Frogger bleed over into the lottery business. Just remember to play responsibly.

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