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Funny comic of David Hayter being dragged off

October 27, 2014

It seems the controversy over Kiefer Sutherland playing the role of Solid Snake, while the original voice of David Hayter was given the boot has still yet to die out. The fans keep pouring the fuel on the Metal Gear Solid fire, and who can blame them?

Hayter has been doing the voice of Snake for well over a decade. Since Kojima stated he wanted to take Metal Gear in a new direction, most never dreamed that also meant replacing the long time voice actor with a fresh new one. So what new material has the controversy brought to the table this time? Why, how about a fan made comic art?

This one shows a portrayal of David Hayter being dragged away yelling about how Solid Snake is nothing without him, while the character Snake and Hideo Kojima walk away from him. Hayter himself has seen this comic art, and made a response in regards to it.

"Okay, this didn't actually happen, and the Hayter seems a mite crazy, but I love the artwork by @FaydSnake."

Sounds to me like a good sport. It seems the fan made comic art is just that, a fan showing his love for the original voice of Snake in his own way. Interesting concept. What do you think about it? Comments please.

Source for DeviantArt image

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