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Funny music video parody sums up Castlevania 2 with a twist of gothic humor

August 12, 2016

Here we are again folks, round 2 of Castlevania week, and we step off the vampire hunting platform to take you through another great video that will have you laughing out of your chair. Or whatever position you are in at the moment. This time we take a look at Castlevania 2,  which has to be one of the more controversial games in the series for the fans.

Why is that? Probably because it isn't quite your traditional vampire hunting game, as it moved away from the first title and introduced a somewhat "action RPG" element to it.

It was also the first in the series to introduce multiple endings, as well as a first for the "day to night" changing and vice versa. Voices of "What a horrible night to have a curse" coarse through your head as you move from area to area, and town to town looking for Dracula's body parts and gaining clues as to where to go next, and what to do with yourself.

At the end of the first title, Dracula placed a curse on Simon Belmont, and it is your job to collect his body parts, put him back  together, all for the sole purpose of destroying him. Yeah.....really!

The point was to rid Simon of his curse he was given by Dracula, and the rest is history. Depending on how long it took you to finish the game also meant what ending you received for doing so. Taking too long meant a worse ending, which there were three in total. It had to do with how long Simon was cursed if you will, but the antics of playing through the game can merit its rewards.

Along with some pleasing, and not so pleasing circumstances, but what a better way to shed some light on it all, than with a video that sums it all up through the power of music. For that we are thankful, and a big thanks goes to brentalfloss for putting up this video, and giving us all something to smile about.

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