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Gabriel Iglesias shows the funny side of Dance Dance Revolution

October 9, 2014

A familiar name you might know from the world of comedy is Gabriel Iglesias. He is a writer, voice actor, producer, and actor who is likely best known for his performance in shows like "Hot & Fluffy" and "I'm not fat......I'm fluffy. Born in 1976, Gabriel's down to earth comedy has greatly entertained his audience members everywhere he goes, and in one instance even gaming has made it into his routine.

Dance Dance Revolution being one of them. The long time running dance game that has had so many sweating to various music beats was talked about in one of this comedy acts a while back, and has already received well over 9 million views to date.

In the piece he talks about a young kid wanting to go to an arcade to play, where Iglesias discovers that games these days usually cost more than the typical 25 cents those in my age group have grown up with. DDR making the grade of costing an incredible $3 per game!

That is likely a made up cost, but it does show how the development of such titles have become more sophisticated and costly to produce, and in doing so draws a bit more from your wallet in the process.

Check out the video below and turn up your volume, you just might get a kick at how he himself turns into a DDR machine and sounds just like the real thing.

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