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Game art that pays homage to Rocket Knight Adventures

October 24, 2014

The Super Nintendo / Super Famicom was known for many awesome action games, one of which I remember well. Back in 1994, Konami had released a game called Sparkster, which was also released as another version called "Rocket Knight Adventures" (and part 2) for the Mega Drive (Genesis) system, which was somewhat different from the SNES version.

The famous opossum knight character that starred in it was the directed handy work of Hideo Ueda, who also had a hand in the great shooter Axelay, another personal favorite of mine.

To pay homage to the classic side scrolling platformer, a lady by the name of KohakuKun19 took the time to create a great likeness of Sparkster which was posted on DeviantArt a short while back. The images below are basically a three stage creation process, the first starting out as a pencil sketch, the second an ink fill in, and the third of course is the final product.

Her name is Amber Johnson, and guess what? She wants to draw for you!. Yes, Amber currently has a job helping the Crippled and the Elderly, a noble job indeed. But since it doesn't pay all that well, Amber would enjoy making some extra money on the side, and she loves to draw. So what a better way than to ask her to do some drawings for you. Here is a draft price list she made.

Characters/Concepts: per concept (one to a page.)
Line Art: $3
Colored: $5

Concept Bundle: (5 concepts)
Line Art: $10
Colored: $15

Landscapes: (varies based on complexity)
line art: $5-$10
Colored: $10-$20

Scenes: i.e. fight scenes, romantic scenes, etc. (also based on complexity)
Line Art: $5-$10
Colored: $10-$20

Title Cards:

Amber has also founded a page that is dedicated to petition Konami to bring back Rocket Knight Adventures to the present day gaming scene. She has my vote, that's for sure. Why don't you check out both of her pages in the links below, and if you like, ask her to draw something for you after taking a look at the list above to see what you fancy. Meanwhile, check out her Sparkster art below, and for those of you who have never played the game, check out a video below. Good luck with both quests Amber!

Amber Johnson Sparkster page
Amber's petition page for Rocket Knight Adventures 

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