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Games that were inspired by Castlevania are getting serious attention

May 28, 2015

Since the dawn of the first Castlevania game, fans have been asking for more and more, and while Konami has delivered on that front, it seems the series has either hit come to an end, or support for it has just outright plummeted over the years. I personally seriously doubt that the fans want something else, as is clearly demonstrated by one factor. Crowd funded projects. You know the kind I'm talking about.

More and more of them have been popping up left and right over the years from small time companies looking to create their own games and get their own projects off the ground. It takes money to make something creative, and people have to eat, so that is where places like Indiegogo and Kickstarter come into play, and thank your lucky stars for it too.

While these places make it possible for great games to become a reality, it also means that game developers need a starting point. A place to begin developing that starts with an idea. Ideas don't just happen, they are often born out of inspiration.

One such inspiration comes in the form of Castlevania, and I'm certainly not one to complain for that happening. There have been various projects launched on crowd funding campaigns over the years that take after the famous vampire hunting series, so why don't we take a closer look at them right now?

You may or may not be aware that they even exist, and after watching the videos may want to get your hands on a copy, as they should be available on steam, or at least will be soon.

Odallus - The Dark Call

A game that takes inspiration from both Castlevania and Zelda II, Odallus: The Dark Call looks like your traditional 8-bit NES style game with a twist. Funded by Indiegogo and developed by JoyMasher, this is one title to look out for, and has already seen rave reviews and cheers from fans waiting to get their hands on the next great platform game.

Living proof that even underdog companies can hang with the big boys if given enough support from you, the fans.


Unepic takes on the realm of both RPG game elements, and action while blending in that touch of Castlevania nostalgia that gives it a feeling of anything but being "unepic". You are a typical teenager, playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons with your friends on a night of role playing fun, while the power suddenly goes out.

You go to check on the breaker box in the basement, and then end up getting sucked into a realm that has you wondering what the hell just happened to you? While not going any further into detail, Unepic is something that has to be seen to be believed, and well....that's what videos are for right?

So help yourself to some cake and ice cream my friend.


Games like Castlevania and Zelda 2 seem to go together like bread and butter. Shadowcrypt is certainly no exception to the rule, as this title takes the best of both worlds and blends it into a game that has over 70 non-linear rooms of good solid classic platform action.

Say goodbye to your modern open world game, those get overrated a little too often, and just need some good old solid classic action like they used to make, and thanks to the company One-bit Punch you still can!

Koumajou Densetsu - Scarlet Symphony

Koumajou Densetsu- Stranger's Requiem

Don't let the name fool you, and that is because it doesn't need to! Koumajou Densetsu - Scarlet Symphony and its sequel Stranger's Requiem are a chip right off the Castlevania block. Symphony of the Night block that is. What you are looking at is a game that takes directly after it, and so much so that if you managed to play this delicious gem you would know what I mean.

The video alone doesn't do it full justice. You will even find a few familiar creatures in the mix when playing it. I'll leave it up to you to recognize them since you're already a veteran.

Both games take full advantage of both a story line, and a soundtrack not unlike that which you've heard before in Castlevania games. This is the real deal when it comes to inspiration, and for those of you looking for two great games RIGHT NOW to play that are just like Castlevania, please, by all means do a Google search and hunt these two down and give them a whirl.

I saved the best for last didn't I? Comment on what you think and why you think it below.

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