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Gaming food based on Metal Gear history makes you hungry

October 29, 2014

Even though it's past the 25th anniversary of the famous Metal Gear series, you can still throw a party! That's right, Metal Gear has been going on and on for over 25 long years now, and it needs a big celebration. But a cake is too old fashioned, so how about we use some other ingredients instead?

Hideo Kojima showed off a photo of a Playstation Bento Box on Twitter that contained not just any old food, but food specially designed to look like Big Boss, Solid Snake, and even Raiden!

You're not going to believe your eyes when you see the photos below and how well made they are. Are you done looking yet?, you're sure? OK, now that your back with me let us try to break this down and see what it's made of.

From what I understand, (feel free to correct me on this) the eyes are made of Tapioca, the faces are actually made with mashed potatoes!, and finally the hair and beards were made using green onions. The hair and beard I can believe, the eyes ditto, but mashed potatoes for the faces? That is what you and I call a real work of art. Now this isn't the first time this sort of thing has been done for something like the Metal Gear game series, no sir.

How about BioShock, Super Mario Bros., and even Evil Dead. My money is on the Metal Gear food art. I wonder if this thing was put in an oven for a while to make it set up like this.

Anyway, check out the photos below, followed by a video about it and let us all hope for another 25 splendid years of more Metal Gear goodness.


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