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Ganbare Goemon anime episodes bring you back to a more pleasing time in game history

July 2, 2015

I completely agree, don't you?

Goemon, a name not too unfamiliar in the world of Konami games. Also known as the "Mystical Ninja", the name is actually based on an actual character from Japanese folklore, meaning a "noble thief". Sounds about right considering he was branded a troublemaker by some in the game itself.

Goemon first made his debut on the arcade back in the early 80s, and then moved into the realm of both Japanese computer systems like the MSX, and then onto home game consoles like the NES / Famicom, Super NES / Super Famicom, and then found a home on the Nintendo 64 with at least two titles released in the West. It's anyone's business what happens after that.

While Konami didn't see fit to bring out more than one game to the Super Nes back in the 90s, which was a major let down to say the least, the impact that series has made with fans was still on a pretty large scale. There has not only been at least 10 games released based on Goemon, but also 23 anime episodes created for it.

Many fans probably never knew that, and likely because it never made its way outside of Japan, although it did manage to have an English sub built in so the rest of us could at least watch them. See below for an intro do that little nugget of joy. 

When I first saw the anime I was a bit shocked. The episodes actually don't take place in Edo village where Goemon is from, rather it takes place in the human world where Goemon and his gang come to through a computer monitor in a kids bedroom that acts as a portal between the game world and the human world.

Easy enough to follow though, as the gang does take on an evil being that is actually from Goemon's world who wants to travel to the human world and take it over.

All the characters you've come to know and love like Ebisumaru, Omitsu, who is Goemon's loving girlfriend, Sasuke, Yae-Chan, and of course "Impact", which is basically a gigantic mecha robotic version of the G-Man himself which he summons when outmatched by an enemy.

Provided he has his favorite Japanese dessert to eat called "Ohagi", which brings him sufficient energy to do so.

The 23 anime episodes ran from 1997-98, and were produced by Trans Arts, after which ADV Films eventually maded an English subbed version that landed in North America under the name "Legend of the Mystical Ninja".

Sounds familiar right? Any true fan of the series would absolutely love to see all 23 episodes of these, and possibly seek out and add the DVD releases to their collection if desired. Or, you can skip that part and watch anime episodes online for it right now.

In the form of YouTube videos thanks to Pham TriNguyen who likely has the same appetite for the series as much as you and I do.

Let's hope they stay there and never get taken down right? So grab a drink, a snack, and a dose of free time and check them out today. The same slapstick comedy is there as is always found in your typical Goemon game. Just as it should be.

UPDATE - All 23 anime episodes of Ganbare Goemon have been taken down due to copyright claims. However, as of this update, Dailymotion has them on their site......until something else bad happens. Although I don't see any English sub versions yet.

Here is one of my personal favorite Goemon games. Goemon's Great Adventure, a Nintendo 64 game not to be forgotten.

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