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Ganbare Goemon anime episodes will bring you back to a classic era

May 31, 2015

Oh to be young and in love again. My personal love for the Ganbare Goemon series is one that will never die, and for good reason too. When I had my first encounter with Legend of the Mystical Ninja for the Super Nintendo back in 1992, that's when it did it for me. An experience that feel like a game within a game.

You play the role of Goemon, and ninja with bushy blue hair, along with his partner Ebisumaru, also known as "Kid Ying" and "Dr. Yang". Colorful names indeed. While it was the only one in a series of 5 games total that managed to make a Western release, there were two other titles that graced our living rooms in this part of the world.

The second and third titles were Mystical Ninja starring Goemon, a rather semi-open world type game, followed by one of my personal favorite Nintendo 64 games called "Goemon's Great Adventure", which took the series back to its roots more than the other.

The series was and still is a big major hit in Japan, where they seem to get all the goodies that never make it to our shores unfortunately, and begs and pleas from the fans to have an English translation for them done so we can do just that. Play them for the love of how precious and fun they are.

One aspect that you immediately dive into when playing Goemon games is how they include a number of mini games. Games ranging from lottery, mazes, question shows, and even a whack-a-mole type game you can play for extra money.

Talk about getting more bang for your buck! If that wasn't good enough, Japan managed to grace us with anime episodes based on the game itself. The online anime episodes you can watch on YouTube feature about two dozen of them, all worth taking your time to enjoy them as they are English subtitled, and contain the kind of slap stick comedy you find in the game. 

My biggest gripe at this point is that Konami has never, and probably will never release the original Super Famicom games with an English translation. Hell, we live in the Internet age now, and hosting translated games downloaded from Steam costs what? Is it that hard to do?

Perhaps they just don't bother with something unless it yields the kind of money they need, but if you or someone you know is a programmer who speaks Japanese, perhaps they can see fit to take their time and do a translation patch for the roms. Then we can at least use an emulator to play that which we never got a chance to play.

In the meantime, anime episodes of Ganbare Goemon are getting hard to find these days without running into copyright issues, but here is a does of one as far as the introduction is concerned for those new to it. Getting your hands on the actual full anime episodes of this gem is another matter.

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