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Gareth Morgan of ZenithFilms gives some insight into his new Silent Hill movie

October 9, 2014

I feel somewhat honored today, as Gareth Morgan the director of the new Silent Hill movie "Requiem" has thanked me for doing a post about the movie. Actually two posts about it, and this is the third one, but you can never give this too much attention as it strongly deserves it.

So in response to his offer to give me some more insight into not only the movie, but also his own background, Gareth has sent me an email that I want to share with you. It's a pleasure doing so and I thank him greatly for sending it!

Hey Dean

Thank you so much for posting about Silent Hill Requiem, it has been such a successful project so far I am always overwhelmed when I think about it! So I just wanted to fill you in on who I am and where the project is thus far.
So me, I have now been a professional film maker for the past 4 yrs and have made a series of short films, all viewable on my youtube channel.
I write, direct, act, edit and do all the visual effects on my films and have a team of very talented actors and musicians who work besides me on my projects. Up to this point all of my work has never had an official budget, so my team have volunteered their time, which I couldn't be more grateful of.
My biggest success thus far was having my short film EPiSODE premiere at the 2012 Rain dance film festival.
EPiSODE takes heavy influence from Twin Peaks and Silent Hill and since it did so well I turned it into a feature film that's currently in post production.The opening 6 minutes of EPiSODE can be seen here:
I have another feature film that's currently in production T.L.E. A Cyberpunk Adventure, an original story that takes influence from Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell,  and a web series Helsing, that follows a female descendant of the character from the Dracula novel as she hunts vampires on the noir streets of New Town sometime in the 30's that's currently in post:
T.L.E. concept teaser:
As a film maker I take most of my inspiration from Japanese Animation and
Video Games, in the past I have been an artist, writer, actor and a dancer and I find that all of my previous experiences help give my films their stylistic approach.

Almost all of my films have a strong female lead which is why in terms of Silent Hill I have always gravitated towards Heather, though SH2 is my favourite of the series due to the consciousness of the Town itself being the main antagonist.

So Silent Hill Requiem:

The plot to Silent Hill Requiem is that in the year 2014 the Otherworld has spread far beyond Silent Hill and its neighbouring towns and is now effecting the entire world, so an unknown force has pulled survivors of Silent Hill back to the town to try and put an end to it. As they say, only survivors attend a requiem.

The characters I have already revealed are Heather, James, Maria/Mary, Cynthia and Henry.
Everything else will be revealed when the film is released.

All of the new posters can be seen here on my facebook page:
In terms of production, the cast is set, the costumes are being made, the props are ready, the script is finished and I am now currently over a third of the way into the storyboard.

I hope to start filming at the end of May and then hope to have the film out several months after that, I am not fixing any dates for release as I would hate to not being able to meet them, so I always answer that question with 'when its ready'

If you have any other questions you have that I didn't cover here please ask away

And if you could mention that if people want to stay up to date on the film they should follow one or all of these pages:


There you have it, and I want to thank Gareth from the bottom of my heart for his efforts in doing this film. He makes a fantastic director (and a great James Sunderland), and I hope this post reaches the eyes of as many Silent Hill fans, and would be Silent Hill fans as I believe Requiem is going to turn quite a few heads out there. Be sure to check out the "thank you" video that was issued recently. Are you excited yet?

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