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Get jiggy with it to get your ice cream treats

October 19, 2014

What happens when Dance Dance Revolution meets an ice cream dispensing machine? You get yet another odd but cool looking vending machine, this time one that makes you dance for your ice cream treat. "Seventeen Ice" will be showcasing their new vending machine in Marui City Shibuya on April 26th, for a one day scenario for interested parties to try out.

The DDR type machine has singer-performer Ayami Muto will be on the screen for you to follow in her moves.

Match the moves correctly based on any number of 17 different computer graphics, and you can land yourself an extra treat. This depends of course on the type of treat your trying to get from the machine, as the dance routine changes depending on the flavor of your ice cream. Ayami will also be appearing live in person in Shibuya around 14:00 that day, with the vending machine on display from 11:00 to 19:00.

It's getting hotter outside, and this might be a perfect combination of having cake and eating it too, or in other words, ice cream without the full impact of all of it going to your belly.

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