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Get Slain with a game like Castlevania you will love

November 23, 2014

Ever since the first Castlevania released back in the 1980s, the fans have been ringing their hands wanting more and more. While Konami has been graciously delivering the goods in the classic vampire slaying department, other companies have been sitting on the sidelines and taking note from the long time running series.

Timespinner is one such example, borrowing quite a number of elements from the ever so popular "Symphony of the Night", as you can tell from the way it looks and play. So once again, another title has stepped up to the plate and promises to deliver that which you already fell in love with in the past, but with a slight twist. Slain! is certainly a chip off the old Castlevania block, but with a bit more gore in store for your experience.

Being developed by WolfBrew Games, Slain! is scheduled for a 2015 release, although that seems to be the only time frame given at the moment. So what can you expect from this new release?, how about a dash of Dracula's Curse where you will engage plenty of enemies, puzzles, and some of that challenging platform action that is sure to keep you on your toes.

While there is no video as of yet, there are a couple of images to drool over in the meantime. If you like what you see so far, you can mark this one up as a title to look forward to when it makes its debut next year. The Belmont clan would be proud I think.

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