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Get your signed prints for the new Silent Hill Requiem movie

October 9, 2014

Relax fans and collectors of Silent Hill, as you can now get your signed prints for the new Requiem film currently in production. What was born out of a dream, is now becoming a reality, as you have up to 10 different signed 8x11 prints for purchase to choose from.

These prints arrange from characters James Sunderland, Heather, Mary, Maria, Cynthia, and even Henry. You're going to want one, so be the first to show one more more of these puppies off in front of friends. From the prints you can see that they reflect the perspective and dark feel of the movie, something the fans will appreciate.

Those new to Silent Hill Requiem should be brought up to speed, and to do so all you need to do is follow Zenithfilms on either Tumblr or Facebook. Gareth Morgan is the man behind the magic of the film, and even has plans to do a follow up 12 part web series that takes place 16 years beyond the Requiem story line. Talk about planning ahead!

Take a look at the links below to keep up with the films production, and while your at hit be sure to spread those links around and share with friends. Projects like this are made possible with your support, so be sure to tell others!

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