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Getting HD out of your classic retro game consoles is now a must

June 29, 2016

For those of you who might be getting a few discolored hairs on your head like me, one thing you've had to endure over the years is the rapid change in technology when it comes to game consoles. In the beginning we had RF, not much.......but it got the job done for what it was worth at the time. Quality back then was only a drop in the bucket when all you had was low resolution and somewhat pixelated games.

Titles like Super Mario Bros, or Castlevania weren't up the much demanded standards they are today, but even so, when it comes to quality we still expect a better gaming experience than what those old gems dished out right?

Right, and meet the answer to your gaming woes with a video that shows you just how to get your classic consoles to work on your much newer HD flat screen TV without the headaches of having to keep an old CRT Tv set around just for kicks.

Besides showing you how you can get the job done at an affordable price, you must also be made aware that this is ONLY a means of "upscaling" the signal coming from your console, and not a way to actually *transform* your video signal to a higher resolution.

Obviously you can't make low quality to high quality......or something bad any better with any device. Simply bring that signal to a format that retains as much of the signal and gives you the best possible quality of the video with as little loss as possible.


At least that's the idea, and there are a number of affordable gadgets out there to get the job done. Look....composite sucks. We all know that, and at the time the gaming industry did little to get past the S-Video format, although in other parts of the world like France, there was the SCART format, which was top of the line at the time for a good while, but now gamers need a quicker and easier fix.

So here it is, courtesy of ReviewTechUSA who put this video tutorial together for the rest of us who need a helping hand in bringing those classic games back to life once again.

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