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Gone are the days of the laserdisc interactive arcade games

February 11, 2015

You know you're getting old when you think back to your childhood, oh around 10 years old or so and remember going to the arcade to play the latest releases. Yeah, for me I'm talking about 1984. A time when arcade games were mainstream and people had that 80s hair look that seemed unusual to today's generation.

Then again, we also had a new type of arcade experience that seemed ahead of its own time, at least by the standards then. Laserdisc arcade games like Dragon's Lair were making the scene, and capturing the eyes of the players with their incredible animation that you could interact with. At least in a limited fashion. Saving Daphne became a matter of simply moving a controller in the right direction at the right time, or else land a fate with a death scene you won't forget.

Well you can throw another laserdisc arcade game on the grill with Badlands, which is one of two titles that made the scene and involved some cowboy action in the days of the old west. The other called Max Mile was a bit lesser known, but with Badlands you had only a single button to interact with and press at the right time to progress throughout the game.

The main character was called Buck, a working man whose family is killed by a band of outlaws. Buck sets out on a mission to find and kill them all, and in the end faces off with the final boss called Landolf.

Laserdiscs games were like any other fad at the time, they came and they went. While it is very hard to track down and play these games once again for your personal amusement, you can seek out the use of emulators like Daphne and play them without too much trouble. Here is some footage below from start to finish if you want to check it out for yourself.

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