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Gone but not forgotten, the Sega Dreamcast lives on with retrogamers

May 8, 2016

Sega NAOMI hardware

This is more of an honorable mention if anything, as it has to be one of my personal favorite pieces of hardware ever to grace my living room. Naomi, and by Naomi I mean the game console that was based on it. The Sega Dreamcast was Sega's last effort to make a stand in the console market with a piece of hardware that went out with a bang.

It's better to burn out than fade away, and burn out is exactly what it did. It was the first console to have an Internet connection, at least in the eyes of most gamers and was also working in conjunction with Microsoft to be compatible with a Windows system.

What's more is it also added a voice adapter for your controller to let you play the infamous game called Seaman, where you interact with.....well....a Seaman. Yeah, you might want to Google that or look it up on YouTube for more details. It also made use of fishing rod controller for you guessed games like Sega Bass Fishing.

Inside the Dreamcast

The Dreamcast probably shined the brightest for quite a number of fighter games like Garou Mark of the Wolves (also known as Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves), and Guilty Gear X, along with Soul Calibur and more than I can list here off the top of my head folks. Something else you might want to look up if you are a fan of one on one fighter games.

Konami also had a hand with a few titles, some of which I will highlight here. Dance Dance Revolution, check. At the time the DDR series was taking off so much that even the ill fated Dreamcast had a title to boot. Who can forget the cosmic dance game music that has always stuck with it over the years, and this was one worth taking a look at for DDR fans.

For every good turn, there is also another good turn with Airforce Delta, a flight simulator that certainly took advantage of the system's hardware capabilities. While Konami isn't the most famous for flight sims, they did score a decent hit with this little nugget of joy on Sega's last stand, and is just what the doctor....or pilot ordered if you are a fan of those types of games.

Remember Track & Field? For those of you who grew up playing games back in the late 80s, you might remember that gem on the NES console. Well, it made its mark on the Sega Dreamcast as well, and all of your favorite events are still in tact for the most part.

Track running of course, weight lifting, and yes even the javelin throw. This hit title landed on other platforms like the Playstation 1, and Nintendo 64 for to boot. This is certainly one that is hard to put down once you pick it up.

Oh boy! I had fun with this one. Talk about being on the edge of your seat. Silent Scope is a guarantee that you will want to postpone your schedule tonight if you sit down with this nugget of joy. The series made a big debut in the arcade scene, and what a better piece of hardware bring it to than the Dreamcast.

I remember inviting a friend over to try out some new games, and both he and I ended up playing this one more than the others we had in mind that night.

Making him late for some of his prior engagements in the process. Silent Scope is basically your dream come true if you ever thought about being a sniper and taking out bad guys. The graphics were top notch for its time, and still can make some waves even today for your Saturday night.

The Grinch that stole Christmas? How about the Grinch that stole your console system? Yeah, Konami even made a title that took after the official movie somewhat. To be more specific, they partnered in the development along with some other main developers like Behaviour Interactive, and 989 Studios to boot.

If you love cute adventure 3D games, you might just be playing this one until every Who down in Whoville is crying boo hoo.

Honorable Mention - Castlevania Resurrection

I had to save the best for last, although that probably won't matter since you will never EVER get to play it. This is the Castlevania game that never was. Castlevania Resurrection is the name, and failing to make it out on the Dreamcast was it's game.

The title was cancelled in March of 2000 due to the fact that Konami didn't see a huge market in the already failing system, and the Sony Playstation 2 was about ready to make itself known worldwide at the time.

Too bad, and Konami had already put some considerable time into developing it. A while back I wrote a much more in depth article talking about this unreleased game, which I advise that you check out if you want to know much more about it.

Sonia Belmont was even going to be in it,.....what a shame right? Below is what you missed, and will never see again.

The Dreamcast may be gone, but it is not forgotten, and you can still grab yourself one on eBay right now, as long as you hurry. From what I understand, the console is gaining new support from both retrogamers and those who simply want to relive those days of old.

So the price might be creeping up a bit, if you know what I mean. I own one myself, and plan on completing my collection and even getting a second or even a third system as a backup. With great games like the ones above, it can't hurt now can it?

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