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Good Rpg games start with great titles like Suikoden 2

October 27, 2014

What happens when you put a price tag of 700 bucks on a title like Suikoden 2? That's right, many a fan will yell foul ball in a heartbeat. I and a number of other fans of the series have been beating this drum for a while now in hopes that it will get a second, or even serious look from Konami headquarters. We've just celebrated Suikoden day on June 11th, which marks the very day that part 3 of the saga was released. Good RPG games are certainly hard to come by.

Konami's UK division also got in on the action, which at least shows they still acknowledge that there is a demand for the series. Although the UK branch alone sounds rather insignificant, as there is no word on the USA branch saying anything. Now to show how ridiculous price gouging can be, Amazon has ONE copy of Suikoden II, and it has a unbelievable price tag of $699.99 attached to it!

What utter nonsense. You can still find a copy of it on eBay for under $200, if you search hard enough. You see, this is why we have a Revival movement going on at Facebook. Konami has issued a few statements back in January saying that they understand there is a large fan base out there, but that there is no current plans to release anything. The last time we were graced with anything Suikoden related was Tierkreis a few years ago, followed by the complete 650 soundtrack in 2011.

The goal behind the movement is to get both Suikoden I & II across other platforms such as PSP and Playstation Network. You can add your voice to the movement page on Facebook as well, and who knows, if the number of fans like you and I are high enough, maybe the impact will draw enough attention and Konami will make our dreams come true.


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