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Google Voice Search as a Konami code Easter egg

October 22, 2014

It activates 30 free men, it activates dinosaurs wearing funny hats, it even has caused websites to appear to blow themselves up. It has done everything except make you a sandwich and rub your back. OK that's going too far, but then again, the Konami code has unlocked yet another secret for you fans of Google Voice Search.

That's right, by using the long time famous code, you can unlock unlimited free searches with Google's Voice Search command. No buttons necessary this time around, since it is voice activated. You simply "speak" the Konami code and it happens. Just give the microphone icon a tap, and then speak the magic words, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, and your done.

A quick history lesson for the younger audience reading this. The old Konami code was made famous when it first appeared long ago and used in classic NES games like Gradius, Contra, and Life Force to give extra lives for those who were having difficulty making it through the game. From that point it was never put to rest, making use of in generation after generation of consoles and various games.

It even starting bleeding over into other non Konami based games like Bio Hazard Infinite. Like Dracula in the Castlevania series, it just keeps coming back and doesn't look like it will ever die.

This is also not the first time Google has done this sort of thing either. The Chromebook has led lights that have seen its share of the code. Also check out the video below to see a demonstration of it being used with Google Voice Search.

image by LemonsSonoNeko 


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