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Halloween and Silent Hill go together like candy corn and Universal Studios

April 1, 2015

Or maybe it's Silent Hill and Universal Studios go together like Halloween and candy corn. You get picture though. In any case, Ahh, the magic of Hollywood. That and the joy of being a kid again. But who says you have to be a kid in order to get a good scare every now and then? That was both the main intention of Silent Hill, and the Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights project for 2012, and boy was it a blast for anyone fortunate to attend the event.

If that was you then this needs not introduction, but it would have been better to bring along a camera to record your experience. One person managed to do just that, along with a dash of night vision to boot. You can't capture the looks on people's faces without that now can you?

When Silent Hill first launched on the original Playstation console back in the 1990s, I was skeptical about what it would be like when I first stuck that bad boy into my game system. I was like so what, another attempt to try and pull my chain to scare me.

Well, it did just that, and since then I haven't looked back, and only looked forward to the next Silent Hill game, which I hoped would be even scarier than the last. Konami managed to do just that when Silent Hill 2 made its debut on the Playstation 2, and ended up quite literally being the best of the best in the series.

Now that Silent Hills is in the works, how can they outdo themselves this time? Well now that they are bringing a well known film director Guillermo del Toro, whose best work includes hit titles like Hellboy, and Pacific Rim, you can bet your last penny that something is about to give in the world of survival horror games.

So take a look at this footage for those of you who missed this event back in 2012, it was a spectacle to behold if you were fortunate, or rather unfortunate enough to get chills sent down your spine.

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