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Happy birthday to the Sega Dreamcast, as we take a look at some gaming history

September 26, 2016

The Sega Dreamcast turns 17 years old this month! September 9th, 1999 to be official for its launch date. Hard to believe that it's been that long, and kind of makes you feel old doesn't it?

Aside from a few discolored hairs on your head, this is yet another opportunity to show those of you how wonderful the console is, and what was to be Sega's last attempt to try and stay in the game console business, and ended up being their last short lived attempt that failed, but in many ways still lives on today.

So what happened to the Dreamcast? Why did it fail and why didn't it catch on as much as we think it should have? For starters, Sega was mainly pulling most of the weight in their struggle to keep their new 128-bit system alive. I mean seriously, the system had it all.

It was the first console to go online, it had a keyboard, fishing rod, light  gun, voice module, a visual memory unit that doesn't just store games, but also acts as a mini game system itself. Just a few of the perks you get with the whole taco.

Oh, and it even had it's own operating system so to speak. Yes, even Microsoft was on board and the Dreamcast was running Windows CE as well. The games were outright awesome. Many of them were great arcade ports that were just as good as the original. Zombie Revenge, King of the fighters, Street Fighter, just to name a few gems.

If fighting games and shooters like Ikaruga and Gigawing 2 are your thing, then you definitely can't go wrong with Sega's last desperation move.

The system did however turn out games until around 2006, when the last title Under Defeat was launched in March and would mean the end of official games for it.....if I'm not mistaken, (correct me on this). But since then, there have been a number of homebrew titles that were released, as well as some Indie titles like DUX and GunLord.

Giving fans something else to keep in mind if they think the beloved DC is down in the gutters.

Another thing to note is that Dreamcast systems, games, and accessories are back on the rise, meaning that the price is starting to go back up if you're in the market to buy one these babies, and want to get in on the revival. It's worth it to act now, trust me.

The Dreamcast is making a comeback, and there are an increasing number of fans out there who are taking a serious second look at the system, and all it had to offer.

You should do the same, and let me give you a quick link to the Dreamcast Junkyard, which offers updates and news on what is happening in the DC world, and where you should start if you are a newbie, or long time fan. Also take a look at a cool video below, which explains the ups and downs of Sega's last effort in the console market, and the inspiration it caused. Happy birthday Dreamcast!

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