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Have this awesome Dracula Castlevania figure sitting on your shelf

February 10, 2015

Fans of the long time running Castlevania series can get their hopes up in adding something else to their already huge collection. This Dracula figure from Lords of Shadow 2 is a  finely detailed although a bit pricey addition to the LOS2 lineup.

The Castlevania timeline has been moving in what seems a different direction with the last three releases, this time with Gabriel Belmont having a few more skeletons in the closet than usual. He himself becomes the lord of darkness Dracula, and for the first time in history you are the vampire on a mission to seek vengeance for your cursed existence.

This cool figure features Lord Dracula sitting upon a throat using high quality polystone sculpt and some advanced hand painting techniques. There are many many other photos available for viewing at the official site, where you can also purchase your own copy. Keep in mind that this is a very limited edition figure, with only 425 available worldwide.

The listed price is a hefty $299.99 price tag, and even at that you can bet that die hard Castlevania fans will be jumping at the opportunity to get their mittens on one real soon. The figure will be released the third quarter of this year, and backed by artist Goran Sadojevich. Standing 18 inches tall at that.


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