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He will make his own Metal Gear figures thank you

October 22, 2014

You've seen LEGOs imitate Star Wars, and even Castlevania, and yet these small gems are no LEGO figures. Rohby is his name, and creating these small Metal Gear figures is his game. He can spend all day just working on one figure, which doesn't include the design work and planning that goes into it before hand.

From the photos below, you can see he has made not only old and young Solid Snake, but also a SpetzNaz Soldier, and a Revolver Ocelot figure. Of course Rohby's influence doesn't stop there, as he has gone beyond the realm of Metal Gear games with his work.

Even KonamiUK themselves have taken to liking the new figures, when the YoungGuns came to light, Konami posted about it at their UK Blog. Along with the photos below, you can also watch a video that demonstrates how these small gems are created. A bit of determination and a lot of patience is the key, and Rohby just glitters with it.

via TinyImports
via KonamiUK Blog

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