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A helping hand in bringing a new Suikoden game to light

October 24, 2014

For years now Suikoden has captured the hearts of many RPG fans out there with such a deep storyline and game play unlike your typical traditional role playing game. One element that separates it from many others is the fact that each character has a unique and deeply rooted background that draws you into the overall story.

Back in the mid to late 90's when Suikoden made its debut on the Playstation, at first many thought of it as just another RPG sitting on the store shelf. For a while it didn't get the kind of attention it needed to get a second look until a bit later. After Suikoden II released, the series somewhat slipped away from what made it so great, evolving into a different world that left some fans in the dust.

That's the part where the Suikoden Revival Movement comes in, an effort to not only bring both Suikoden 1 and 2 to other formats like Xbox Live, PSN, PSP, and iOS / Android devices, but to also hopefully spark interest with Konami to get some effort underway for a Suikoden 6 game that would also extend the storyline from the first two titles.

Last month was the massive mail bomb of fan material sent to Konami of Japan to get their attention on that issue. So far there hasn't been much if any of a response to it, but I'm sure it did get their attention at least.

So why so much attention to this paticular game series? So much effort, so much support surround a couple of games. It has to be experienced to be understood, and the admin of the Revival Movement Chris Holmes gives an explanation directly to Konami UK on why Suikoden needs to be brought back.

For those of you who might be new to it, you can learn a thing or two from his post about it and thus get an understanding of why folks like him, and me for that matter really want to see Suikoden brought to other formats, along with an entirely new game to boot. I highly recommend you read up on his post and then if you like, get in on the movement using the links below. The more supporters, the louder the voice of cry to help revive such a great RPG.

Meanwhile, for those of you new to the series, please check out a great video below from lucahjin who made the video to give you somewhat of a tutorial and introduction on playing the game. It's certainly worth checking out. Cheers! 

Chris Holmes KonamiUK post
The Suikoden Revival Movement
Revival Movement on YouTube 

UPDATE - The Revival Movement is also recruiting others to help spread word of the movement across YouTube. If you are interesting in participating, please contact or PM when you can.


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