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Here is what a cheat code on your arm looks like

October 27, 2014

Obsession or just plain dedication. After writing articles on this blog for over 5 long years, I can honestly say there are likely people in this world even more dedicated to Konami games than even I. Yes, I am certainly open minded to that, and a fellow by the name of Kevin Pacheco might just be the guy to take home the gold medal in that department.

What could he possibly do to outdo me? How about having the famous Konami code tattooed on is own forearm? Imagine yourself, walking around in life, up and down the streets, with most people staring at you and yet not even knowing what in the world that is tattooed on your freaking arm?

Konami code websites move aside.

But hey!, if Kevin wants to do that, more power to him I say. I wonder if this will actually give him 30 lives in real life? Just a dream I suppose. As you can see, every button, minus the unneeded select button is there, from up to down showing the sequence of the Konami code. Oh and by the way, did you know that the code is not originally the Contra code, but rather the Gradius code?

Among a couple of other shots of those placing the code on their body. Talk about dedication!

Indeed, the developer for Gradius put it in there to help beta test the game, since it is a rather difficult game, in order to get through it. Now I do wonder if people will look upon Kevin as being cool for having this on his arm, or just a sign of being a game cheater. Personally I think it's rather cool looking, way to go Kevin.

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