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His body is made 70% of movies

October 19, 2014

The mind behind the Metal Gear series, many people want to know more about Hideo Kojima and what he is like behind closed doors. I can't say I blame you, as getting into the man behind the Snake can be challenging at times.

Sure he tweets what his favorite movies and food are on what seems a consistent basis, but what was his desires and dreams before getting into the Metal Gear series to start with? The answer might give you some food for thought.

In a profile at Eurogamer recently, Kojima had expressed his desire to things of a more physical nature, rather than of a "digital" nature. Originally he had wanted to work with models, adding his 2 cents to the mix. "I was really into building models but there were two problems with that.

One is when I got married my wife threw away all my modelling tools and kits, so I haven't done that in 24 years."

 "Originally that's what I wanted to do. Something more analog, more than digital. Something like sculptures and whatnot." Another thing that I'm considering is taking cooking lessons. It's creating something, so I really like it. I don't think anyone would like what I cook, but it would be fun."

Even an interest in the food industry? Who would have thought of it from the man whose body is made up of 70 percent movies, according to his twitter profile that is. 

For those of you who follow Kojima on twitter, you might have noticed he tweets about the dinner he's currently having, some of it looking rather interesting. For those of you who don't follow him, perhaps you should give it a try.

via Kojima Twitter

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