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How Castlevania resurrection suffered a quick death before its release

August 6, 2015

Generations come and generations go. That might be the case with your age group if you were old enough to remember the Sega Dreamcast system. At the time the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 1 game system were at the height of their popularity. But not for long, as the next generations of consoles along with the latest technology were about to hit the living room of gamers once again.

The Dreamcast would end up being the last and final attempt of Sega to try to gain a market for gaming, unlike the Saturn which didn't win over enough of the crowd as well as the PS1 did.

While the Dreamcast did manage to bring out a number of great games while trying to make a last attempt desperation move to stay in the console business, there were a number of games that were dragged down with it in the end. Castlevania being one of them. Castlevania Resurrection to be exact, and isn't it ironic to give it that name in the wake of dying before it ever even saw the light of day on your console.

At the time the only 3D Castlevania games out on the market were the two titles that were released for the Nintendo 64. Both of which had mixed results with the fans, many who wanted the series to stay in the 2D realm and felt it had no place among such a change.

But Konami along with technology was evolving, and with it you get a new generation of fans and gamers who want something different. Such was the case with Resurrection.

So what happened to it? Sega happened to it, as mentioned above the Dreamcast was the last attempt by the company to make it in the console business, and I stress "last", as they title was supposed to be a launch title, and was delayed until later that year, and then finally pushed back to March 2000.

Rumors had it that the game wasn't turning out well, but was then discovered that Konami decided to pull the plug on the game for good, as Sega themselves was fixing to pull the plug on the Dreamcast, especially in in the wake of Sony's full on confirmation of the Playstation 2 release.

Sales of the system and its games were falling into the same deathtrap that the Saturn was enduring during its time, and Konami felt that the Dreamcast was not a worthy platform to continue development of the game and take such a risk. The only thing left now is images, and barely some game play footage floating around on the Internet.

The story line was of some interest at least. Sonia Belmont from "Legends" on the Gameboy and somewhat wiped from the timeline by Igarashi would be in the game, along with Victor Belmont, a vampire hunter from the 1800s even though the game takes place during 1666, the era of the great London fires.

If it sounds odd, fear not, as the concept of time travel to bring the two characters together and fight against the Countess who is trying to bring new evil into the world. Here is a run down of the story line thanks to a page at the Castlevania Dungeon.

"The year is 1666. Dracula has returned to threaten the mortal world! Summoning all of the power of Hell, the dark countess of Castlevania has created a portal allowing Dracula to re-enter the material plane. Accompanied by foul creatures of the nether world anxious to do their bidding, Dracula and his lover intend to join forces with the goal of final victory over the Belmonts and absolute dominion of the world! Their actions, however, have not gone un-noticed...

The twisting of reality by the Countess has upset the balance between good and evil, creating a rift that will ultimately plunge the mortal world into eternal chaos unless it can be sealed! To counter this, the forces of light decide to turn this power back summoning heroes from the Belmont clan from the very halls of time.... One from the from the future!

The powers of light summon SONIA BELMONT; legendary Belmont heroine drawn from the past and well suited to stand, not just against the sinister wiles of the Countess, but Count Dracula himself! Sonia has already been successful in defeating Dracula in the past. Can she defeat the combined power of both vampires?

From the future of the 1800's, the powers of light summon VICTOR BELMONT! A wandering gambler and soldier of fortune, Victor chose not to accept the Belmont legacy as a Vampire hunter by running away from home at an early age. During his travels, Victor learned not just the art, but the science of warfare, all the while attempting to avoid his true destiny in the petty politics of 19th century Europe.

But the blood of the Belmont clan cannot be ignored forever, and Victor would eventually return to the land of his birth, a rebel and outcast. It is here that Victor is given the quest by the guardian of light to prove himself worthy of the name Belmont by battling Dracula and his evil mistress!"

It must really suck for a company to invest the time and money into a game, only to have the very system your creating it for belly up at the last minute. Let's hope Nintendo doesn't make the same mistake that Sega did, which to me really wasn't such a big mistake at all.

The Dreamcast will always be one of my favorite game systems of all time. It had way to much cool gadgets, and a decent number of games to boot. It's just the simple fact that too many people didn't give it the respect it deserves, and while Castlevania Resurrection died along side the Dreamcast, we can still put flowers on it's grave and remember the good times right? Right.

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