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How gaming might have taken a turn for the worst with many fans

July 25, 2016

Here we are folks, in the year of 2016 and many of you who have been into gaming for a long time are wondering what the future might be like for your favorite titles. It's been a concern on your minds for quite some time now. The question circling in your heads right now, is what ever happened to the games you grew up with?

Sure, technology has changed over the years the advent of better graphics, better sound, and you now find yourself immersed in huge open worlds that are starting to look like real life. That's a good thing isn't it? I mean.....come on, who doesn't want that? It's only natural that your games improve with each new console that's released like every 6 years or so.

But is that really a good thing, or are some game developers forgetting about one crucial element? That of course, being gameplay value. When a new Castlevania or new Metal Gear game released back in the late 80s to early 90s, it had the kind of continued appeal of gameplay that we expected from the series, but when the transition from 2D to 3D gaming surfaced, was there really something lost in the process?

Something precious to you and I that had been taken away that we always demand from our hard earned money. No one wants to fork out 50 bucks for a game, and having played through it just one time only to never pick up the game again, but rather trade it in for a mere handful of change that would be used to buy that next game you've had your eye on.

Is that really the new normal now? What happened to the time when we actually kept almost every game that we bought simply because it was not only worth keeping longer, but had what was called a replay value that just wouldn't go away?

Let me give you a quick example, using the Castlevania series as an example. When the tastes of gamers evolved.....or rather changed for better or worse over time, the games naturally changed with it. Usually in the form of moving from a 2D to 3D environment.

That meant that long time Castlevania fans who had broad expectations of how a Castlevania game should be, would also mean they would no longer see their favorite title look and feel they way it used to.

A lot of fans were disappointed to see that happen, and while we can understand that it usually only happens to accommodate new generations of gamers, it also meant we would no longer see the types of games we grew up with being made anymore.

This has had mixed reactions with fans, and is also the reason why crowed funded games have started to surface over time, ones that take on that nostalgic look and feel that we want so badly. You're not alone, and I personally am with you all the way, so why can't we at least have the best of both worlds?

One answer is that many producers don't or simply can't see that there is a demand for that anymore.

They are wrong, and the very presence of steam games and crowd funded games like Koji Igarashis new Bloodstained Castlevania style game is proof of that, and I think it always will be. At least for the foreseeable future.

No cutting edge technology there folks, but it damn sure looks good enough to eat, and from what we've seen so far, it will probably turn more than a few heads and might even wake up developers to see that there IS a huge market for that type of game.

After all, during its Kickstarter campaign, it had a goal of $500,000, and ended up with well over 3 million to boot. I'd say that represents a need for that style of game.

Look, the bottom line is......classic gamers and retro gamers are customers too. We understand that as time goes on, new generations come and expect games to look more realistic and more lifelike. That's a given, but it doesn't mean you and I should be left in the dust when it comes to our needs, and the needs of those wanting a more throwback experience from our games.

We are still around, we still play games, which is why there is so much demand for games that doesn't necessarily mean they need to have the latest cutting edge graphics.

Gameplay is everything, and it always will be. If developers can't see that, then it's their loss as they will be losing a considerable part of the market share when it comes to sales.

One video puts much of that into perspective and uses Super Castlevania IV as a shining example of that. A time when gaming meant everything to us, and we couldn't wait to get our grubby little hands on the next release.

A special thanks to ReviewTechUSA for putting this video together, and for highlighting how gaming has changed over the years. For better.....and for some of us....for worse.

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