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How the original Metal Gear on the NES console made you mad

January 28, 2015

For those of you who remember growing up during the 1980s, you may also remember a Konami game that had more than a few gamers up in arms about how to finish the darn thing. The first Metal Gear game, released by Hideo Kojima on the Japanese MSX computer system was actually superior in a number of ways to its rather lesser counterpart on the NES console.

MSX version

NES version

There was supposed to actually BE a Metal Gear super machine, which had nuclear capability and was the center piece to the game itself. But if you played the Nintendo 8-bit version, you were a bit let down on the fact that your end boss was actually some sort of super computer that you had to blow up. Yeah, that is a little off base isn't it?

Well it didn't stop there, as there were likely a number of other issues that the game suffered from, which is why even Hideo Kojima himself was let down by this particular release. As far as the mastermind himself was concerned, this was not the real "true" Metal Gear game that he initially wanted for his fans out there.

The second followup called "Snake's Revenge" only served to pour salt on an already soar wound, and once again Kojima had nothing to do with. In retaliation for that release, he decided to make his own real second release called "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake". Once again, that was another MSX system release, and a far superior one at that.

To highlight some of the failings of what Kojima was talking about, the YouTube sensation known as "Angry Video Game Nerd" decided to cover the first title in one of his episodes. If you've seen his past videos you may know him as somewhat of a critic about the wrongs and rights of certain video games that either make him mad, or just completely cause him to lose his cool.

Either way, it does make for some funny viewing and you might want to be careful are some of his content may be unsuitable for some viewers. Or NSFW if you will.

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