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How to propose to your girlfriend using Contra

October 27, 2014

Some guys make plans to propose to their girlfriends at special places. Some do it by using giant view screens at sports games. So what if I told you that a fellow figured out how to pop the big question of marriage by modifying the ending to the first Contra game?

Well, he did it, and wait until you see the length he went to make it all happen. Talk about love Konami style. Let me summarize basically what your about to see, then point you to the rest of the story. This won't take too long, and it's a really unique idea.

First, he bought the original Contra game. Then he dumped the rom to his computer, and then made some modifications to it. Using a hex editing program, he changed some of the ASCII text in the game, such as Player 1 and Player 2 being changed to his and his girlfriends name. Do you follow me so far? Then after editing the ending where it says congratulations, you've destroyed the red falcon and saved the universe...etc, he modified it to a proposal to his girlfriend!

As you can see in the pictures below, this lover boy went the extra mile to pop the question to his woman. If your frowning over the fact that he butchered up a perfectly good Contra cart, fear not, as it was for a worthy cause.


One a side note, as a tribute to this guys dedication and handy work to his lady, I made a simple modification myself to the Contra title screen. Player 1 as myself, and Player 2 for Konami, followed by the bottom saying "Licensed by Konami News Blog". It's just a simple hack job with a hex editor and then taking a screen snapshot with FceUltra emulator.

If you've never done this sort of thing before, understand something right away, the amount of space is extremely limited, so keep your words within the programs boundaries. If you have letters left over, simply modify the hex values as a "null" address of 00. That will suffice as an empty space, otherwise your game might not run or be too messed up to enjoy. Check out my example at the bottom below.

My own title screen modification


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