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How young kids react to the classic Game Boy hand held system is priceless

August 31, 2016

Oh to be young and in love again. A time when your game system was just that, and not a high end console that requires Internet connection (in some cases) and is now used as a means for giant open world games that seem to go on forever.

Not that that is a bad thing of course, as we love to dive into another world filled with beauty and realistic looking characters. But there comes a time in your gaming life when you long for the days of old, and an era where gaming was all about game play, and graphics weren't that big of a deal.

If the thought of having something the size of a brick in your hand that had simple looking graphics with a simple mindset of gaming is your thing, then you might be old enough to remember the classic hand held Game Boy system by Nintendo.

While many remember how many batteries it took to even turn the thing on, not to mention how fast it drained them, another thought also harps in your conscience. How it was a great way to carry around with you some of your favorite titles on the road, and also helped pave the way for future portable gaming that we now take for granted.

Back then, you didn't have the advent of Internet, a song player, movie player, and some of those high end graphics sitting in the palm of your hands. It was all about the games, and how much we loved having that aspect alone.

So how will the current generation of kids react to seeing something like that in today's saturated market of Star Trek type technology? One video shines a light on that subject as always, with another "Kids React" video by the folks at Fine Brothers Entertainment of course!

They are best known for these types of videos where they put children and teens into a situation where they "react" to things they sometimes were not away even existed, or haven't tried before. As generations come and go, each one has a memory of their childhood events, but the purpose here is to take something from a previous generation, and introduce it to a current one to see how they react to it.

Sounds somewhat trivial, but it makes for a great form of entertainment, as these kids make comments about what they see and comments from a new experience. Some of it is also quite funny, as kids always make us laugh and smile for whatever reason.

Transparent Game Boy - North American Edition

You got to love them so much right, and kids say the darndest things sometimes.....I just wonder what technology is going to be like in another 25 years, and how your children or grandchildren will react to what is out there today that we think is so awesome.

Some food for thought. You can also check out another Kids React video about the ever aging NES console on this blog as well. Kind of makes you feel old doesn't it?

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