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Hudson Soft games live on through the eyes of Konami

October 24, 2014

A while back when Hudson Soft kicked the bucket, Konami being a major holder in the company decided to purchase them out, thereby making the intellectual properties of Hudson Soft their own. Since then many have been wondering what will ever become of classic hits like Adventure Island, or Bomberman.

Well it seems the spring has been brought back to life in at least a small way. On December 25th, as a nice holiday treat gamers in Japan will be getting four classic gems to add to their collection thanks to the Wii-U Virtual Console.

First in the lineup is Bonk's Adventure, this head smashing character pounded his way onto the PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16) as a launch title, and has had a number of sequels since. The cost will be 600 yen for that puppy. Second is the creative and colorful shooter hit Parodius, which has been hailed as a "Parody" of the original Gradius. The cost is 800 yen for this download.

Third is Hudson Soft's "China Warrior", a side scrolling beat em up also known in Japan as "The Kung Fu", will be selling for 600 yen. Finally the original Gradius itself, a classic Konami game will be yours as well for 600 yen also. Nothing is known yet if these gems will make it outside of Japan.

On a last note, what Hudson Soft games would you personally like to see be brought back to life, and on what format? I would love to see Far east of Eden and Lords of Thunder make a comeback, as well as Bomberman, Adventure Island, and Star Soldier.

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