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Hudson Soft games that you might want to see again

October 24, 2014

Konami might have its hands full with the Castlevania and Metal Gear franchise, but I believe there is still room for those past games we grew up with to make a full comeback. Last year when Hudson Soft finally went belly up after suffering some downfalls, Konami being the major holder of the company decided to buy them out, thereby obtaining the IPs to so many games that seriously need a second look.

As a classic gamer that started out in about 1980 with the Atari 2600, I've been through more games than I have time to count, including such hits like Bomberman, Bonk's Adventure, Far East of Eden, Adventure Island, and Star Soldier.

All of these fun titles had one thing in common, the Hudson bee attached to them, and now that Konami has the IPs for them, which ones are worthy of making a true comeback? The answer depends on what the masses really want as always. I personally want to see Far East of Eden get resurrected, but then again that's just me.

Does the gaming scene have far too many shooters for Star Soldier to get noticed once again? I believe there is room for that one as well. Hudson started to shine on the NES, but if you were lucky enough to own a TurboGrafX-16, you would've seen much more of their handy work in that realm.

But what about those of you who might be new to these past hits? I invite you to get a few of these and try them for yourself, and then hop aboard the comeback bandwagon and perhaps Konami will get the nudge they need to take a second and serious look at some of the fine past gems below.

Who knows, it's likely that if they do we could see a few of them make it to the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, or some other secondary format. Or they might even end up as a full production game for next generation consoles. As it stands right now, it looks like Konami is both going to use Hudson IPs for mobile platforms....i.e. Android / iPhone and such, as well as Nintendo making use of the IPs for its platforms. Only time will tell.


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