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If Metroid and Castlevania games were married

October 22, 2014

Two worlds collide, Castlevania, and Metroid, and Koji Igarashi standing in between both of them with open arms. Big name titles like Symphony of the Night, and the few that followed suit have been known as "MetroidVania" type Castlevania games because they play similar to the series, as it was on the Super Nintendo.

Now that Igarashi has left Konami for good, for one to pursue his own game studio, what will he work on as far as a new game is concerned? Recently IGN asked him about that same issue, in which he was questioned about working for Nintendo to create a new Metroid game.

Igarashi stated that “Whether it’s possible or not comes down to the intellectual property holder, which in this case would be Nintendo, and whether they want to work with me. But, if they did want to work with me, I would love the chance of doing that.”

Perhaps Koji's hands were tied a bit when he wanted to do what he felt was necessary when making the Castlevania games he worked on. Now that he has broken free to pursue his own game company, both I and many of his fans are eagerly wondering what type of game he will work on next. Will it be like his past titles, or something entirely different? 

Now that both him and composer Michiru Yamane have left Konami, I'm also concerned for the future of Castlevania, and what direction it will be taking now that two of the top most brains are gone. Oh how the time goes by so quickly.



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