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If new Contra games had a complete reboot to the series

October 27, 2014

Well over 20 years ago, Konami blessed us with a 2D run and gun title called Contra, giving us such a challenge, that many had no choice but to make good use of the 30 man code that gave the series a more popular boost. Since that time we've had a number of sequels and spin off titles like Hard Corps, Uprising, The Alien Wars,and now the newly release reboot of the them all, Evolution.

But unfortunately Contra has come to a fork in the road, and one where it now has to make a bold decision. Where does it go from here, and once it has what will it look and play like. Just like Castlevania, I'm sure there are many fans out there that absolutely do not want to see the series move into the 3D realm.

That seems to be the key factor though, since Lords of Shadow producer has taken a glitter of desire to seeing himself involved in a Contra project. In doing so, he has expressed the need for it to move into a different direction. Since we've seen him shine through on LOS, that could be a good thing.

Think about it like this, a Contra game using the Fox Engine, or using the same engine that Lords of Shadow 2 is using? Sounds like pleasing prospect to me.

Cox wants to bring the series or at least see the series brought back in a way that it doesn't fall into the realm of a "hardcore niche". "How does one do that?", he questions. A lot of people don't even know what Contra is, let alone have played it, so a new generation of games might attract a even bigger audience.

Back in 2011, Konami teased a "Reboot" video, which only showed a flaming C, and lasted less than a minute. Like Suikoden, it seriously need to make a decent comeback. But as the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz said, "these things must be done delicately".

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