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If the Suikoden RPG game series had a live action movie

April 26, 2015

Games based on movies, and movies based on games. It's happened so many times in the past that it's getting hard to count them all without some deep research. Remember Double Dragon the movie? How about Super Mario Bros. the movie? Yeah, not so great were they, and basically left you sitting in a dark and gloomy movie theater wanting your ticket money back.

I can't blame you there, and from what I understand a lot of times the producers of such movies want to do thing their way, because they think it's what will please the masses.

Pleasing the masses, that is a phrase that should be put on the shelf because how about know......the fans? Have they thought about that? Well at least a few fans of the Suikoden RPG game series have, and thus decided to make their own live action adaptation of the best role playing game saga ever created called Suikoden - Untold Story.

At least a short Indie film that is, as full length feature films don't exactly grow on trees.

These fans are big supporters of "Suikosplay" (a combination of Suikoden and Cosplay) and the Suikoden Revival Movement. If you are a fan you can join the cause today on Facebook, and make some new friends in the process! If you are new to this awesome game series, then by all means please grab yourself a copy of the first two games which are the best ones and you will be drawn in and addicted to it like you wouldn't believe.

Both are on PSN (Playstaton Network) right now for download, and in the meantime please enjoy Episode 1 of this cool short film put together by some diehard fans who we owe our appreciation to.

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