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Illustrations on model kit boxes such as Gradius 5

October 27, 2014

Do you ever wonder who does the illustrations on model boxes, you know, the concept designs and so forth for games like Gradius V? Hidetaka Tenjin might ring a bell, or maybe not. This is one of those items of discussion that most either don't know, or don't care, and yet the work these people perform is worth at least one mention.

Tenjin's work also extends into the world of Macross, as he has created the kind of work in that department to warrant the attention of the creators themselves. The Facebook page announced that he would be attending the October 5 event in Torrance, California soon, where he will join other artists of the same caliber.

The Macross World Convention 2013 is someplace I myself would love to check out. Who knows what kind of awesome illustrations and artwork you'll see there. The world of anime has always been in my backyard as well, and the appeal of Gradius has been around since I was just a kid.


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