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Imagine this Metal Gear Ray figure sitting under your tree

October 24, 2014

Turning back the clock, one thing that Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty taught us, was it had some great looking enemy designs. One of them being the awesome Metal Gear Ray machine, something you don't want to run into on a dark and stormy night.

Well, now you can relive that moment from your Playstation 2 days with an official Metal Gear Ray figure that stands 16 and a half inches tall, but might also make your wallet a bit lighter than you would like it. The toy and entertainment company known as 3A will be releasing one this coming fall, and the price is going to be a whopping $490. Talk about an expensive action figure, but worth it to die hard fans.

But on second thought, take a gander at that fine detail. Any huge fan of the Metal Gear game series might seriously want this one as a part of their collection. For those of you who do decide to blow a paycheck on this puppy, you will also receive a "Liquid Ocelot" figure to sit inside the Metal Gear Ray.

A nice and necessary addition especially considering the cost involved. The Ocelot figure is 3 centimeters tall, and the Ray figure itself comes with a stand needed for it to stay upright, along with illuminated eyes which you will need a battery to light up.

Excited yet? If so you can purchase one, or rather "pre-order" one right now from Bambaland, the page hosting the sale of the Ray figure which should be ready for shipping the third quarter of this year. Check out some photos of it below, as well as some specs of the figure. 


Wing Span = Approximately 98cm / 38.6 inches
Height = Approximately 42cm / 16.5 inches
Width = Approximately 38cm / 15 inches
Length = Approximately 45cm / 17.7 inches

Comes With Articulated Figure Base
NOTE: Base Is Required In Order For MG RAY To Stand And Be Posed
Fully Articulated Wings, Legs and Torso
Features Illuminated Eyes and Cockpit Area
Smoked Transparent Front Shield Cover
Mouth Area is Articulated with Highly Detailed Interior Panels
Rubberized Material Wrapped Around Feet
Requires 3 AG13 Button Cell Batteries - Not Included
Bambaland Store Exclusive Version Includes Liquid Ocelot Pilot Figure
Liquid Ocelot Figure Posed in Sitting Position and is Approximately 3cm Tall

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