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Inside the mind of cosplay actress Kelly Jean

October 5, 2014

Yes, she is getting some serious attention. Kelly Jean and her recent cosplay performance for the Metal Gear Solid character known as sniper Quiet have turned some heads, and bulged the eyes of many a male gamer out there. Quiet is the mute character from The Phantom Pain, and was featured in the E3 electronic show trailer last summer. Recently, KonamiUK themselves have taken notice of Kelly's hard work and decided to have a one on one interview with her. In the interview she talks about the controversy surrounding the photos she made, along with her reaction to it and what it took to get those shots just right. Here is a sample of the interview.

What made you want to replicate that shoot – and what was the motivation behind it? Was there any messages that you wanted to get across?

“Honestly? The internet. And by internet I mean trolls. One said that Quiet looked like me holding in a fart and I was really amused. A few people then started to leave me comments on my page. I am a fan of the series, but it wasn’t actually an immediate thought to do it. But I had always wanted to attempt replicating a video game image in a photo, so it was also a good opportunity to do that.”

It's a fairly long interview and quite informative, if you want to know the personality and mindset of Kelly and what she is like. Her goal for producing these photos was to raise money to help those who want to get into gaming, but can't due to physical disabilities. You can follow Kelly Jean on Twitter if you like, and check out her FaceBook page as well. Most importantly, if you want to help with her charity cause, you can do so by purchasing photos from her own personal store page here. Samples of her work are below. You might want to look over your shoulder before scrolling down, you know, if you are in a sensitive area like an office cubical.

Stefanie Joosten is the actual actor who played the original role of sniper Quiet for Konami. You can check out a video below with her posing for image capturing and rendering. Again, NSFW. OK, I warned you, now enjoy yourself!

Full interview with Kelly Jean
Kelly on Twitter
Kelly on Facebook
Her Artist Store

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