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Interview with Suikoden creator Yoshitaka Murayama

October 9, 2014

You can certainly tell the Suikoden Revival Movement has caught the eye of more than one person out there, as even the creator of the series Yoshitaka Murayama has taken a strong liking to our cause. Recently our movement has taken the effort to put together a list of questions to ask Murayama, who actually no longer is with Konami, or making Suikoden games for that matter. In the interview he not only shares our passion for the series, but also points out that there will never be another title being made unless Konami makes a move, which of course is the soul reason behind our movement.

On another important note, you too can participate in our efforts by not only joining the SRM, but also telling your friends and inviting them, and having them do the same. Our voice is not a small one, as we are now over 23,000 strong in numbers, but trust me, we need all the support we can get. The bigger the support, the more likely you will one day have a new Suikoden game in the palm of your hands. Another desire of ours is to port the first two games to other formats such as Playstation Network, Xbox Live, Android, iOS, and so on.

Since the second title is somewhat rare, and I stress rare as it has been listed on Amazon for an incredible $600 due to a limited print, it's only logical to have that one preserved on other formats as well as the first one. Also check out Suikoden Day 2014, as it kicks off on August 15th-19th, which also marks the anniversary of part IV of the series! So do yourself and us a favor, join our cause and help spread the word, because the fight doesn't end, it's only just begun.

Interview with Yoshitaka Murayama
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