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It might be called Bone Eater, but it's really a new Silent Scope game

October 22, 2014

Remember Silent Scope from way back when? I say way back when because it has been quite a while since one has graced our living rooms. There was a remake that was going to release for the Xbox 360 and PS3, but was cancelled and scrapped unfortunately.

So the arcade will soon be finally seeing a new Silent Scope game, and its name if you please. Bone Eater is what it's called, and will have a feature to link up 4 different machines. The main characters will be somewhat of an anime style, while the game itself like the original will have the ability to zoom in to take out enemies and targets.

So when and where will this become a reality? Looks like Japan for now, and whether or not it launches in other parts of the world is always a mystery at this point. Let's both cross our fingers and hope it lands on the PS4 and Xbox One, or a reasonable format thereof. Complete with a custom light gun of course, can't live without that.

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