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Kara Kpop Group makes a great Android - iOS game

October 29, 2014

Usually Konami games development is responsible for music titles like Dance Dance Revolution, and all of the music extension games that have spun off from it over the years. This one however is a different twist. You might be familiar with the Kpop group called Kara. They are a pretty big hit in Japan, not to mention some really sweet looking Asian ladies to boot.

Well as a courtesy from Konami, they now have their own social card game which is already available for iOS and Android formats. Is it a music game?, not so much. This particular title called "Kara collection" is where you use Kara cards in things like talk battles, song battles, and dance battles. You then can level up your Kara cards just like in other social card battle games that are a bit similar.



As you can see, you basically collect various cards of each of the famous singers, and after seeing how cute they are, what guy wouldn't want the entire set? Music doesn't just stop at Dance Dance Revolution, it's heading toward your Android and iPhone soon, and as a free download! Yes, I said free.


As in you don't have to pay for it as it is also a free download. That should please Kara and Kpop fans out there at least. Check out a video below and tell me what you think of them.


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