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Keep your dog occupied with a device equipped with a DDR type pad

October 9, 2014

Many pet owners out there have undergone the experience of dealing with personal issues with their animals while they are away. Constant barking, chewing up the furniture, your cat shredding the curtains, and your favorite shoes torn into 11 pieces.

If you've taken care of animals before, then most of you have at least a partial understanding of what I mean. But what if that could change thanks to technology? One that is both interactive, and even connected online.

Having been both web enabled, and mobile app connected, its name is the "CleverPet" feeder, and if founders Trottier and Knudsen have their way, their interactive pet feeding device just might land in your house someday to keep your dog satisfied until you get home from a busy day of work.

To put it bluntly, their cool pet feeding device is literally “the world’s first interactive pet learning and entertainment device based on the science of animal behavior.”

Animal behavior, something pet owners have to deal with on a constant basis, and while this device does look like a "Dance Dance Revolution" machine for dogs, as it's been called before by Xconomy, the goal is to keep your dog pre-occupied during the long boring days with a battery powered LED program using three buttons that light up.

The dog will then get a reward food treat if it pushes the lit up button with its paw. The dog can actually learn as it gets more treats by completing more complex patterns across the three buttons.

Hey, on second thought, this isn't exactly a DDR machine for dogs, it's more like a Simon game for dogs! So for you pet owners take a look at the official site and see if CleverPet is right for you.

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