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Kent man pays a drug dealer for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

October 22, 2014

Stupid is as stupid does. A phrase made popular by the movie "Forrest Gump", and this little scenario involving stolen Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is no different. A Kent man paid $200 to a "powerful drug dealer" for what he knew were stolen Yu-Gi-Oh! cards worth about $2,000.

He later went to a trading card dealer in Renton, where he tried to sell them there. The employee took the cards to the back of the store for pricing, while the front employee was speaking to the Kent man.

The employee doing the pricing became suspicious of the cards after noticing a unique label attached, which belonged to another competing store. He then got a phone call from West Coast Playing Cards in Federal Way, reporting that multiple boxes of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards had been stolen that morning about 5a.m. that were worth around 2 grand. Yeah, be careful when you buy YuGiOh cards from strangers.

The Renton man then called police and reported it, while the front employee was told by the Kent man that he bought them online from an "old man" for $600, after finally admitting to the police that he knew the cards were stolen. The man he described as the "powerful drug dealer" knocked on his door around 6a.m. and wanted $400 for the cards, but was given $200 by the Kent man, knowing that they had been stolen.

He also knew the drug dealer never played the game, nor was it a good time of day for anything legal to take place. The Kent man was told by the dealer not to resell the cards at West Coast Playing Cards in Federal Way. He was later arrested and booked at the Regional Justice Center while an investigation is conducted for possession of stolen property. Police currently have a description of the drug dealer in hopes of finding him.

So, now that you are done reading, do you know any similar stories like this one involving Yu-Gi-Oh! cards? If so feel free to share yours in the comment section below. Cheers.

via Renton Reporter

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