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Kids react to the ever aging 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System

February 26, 2015

If you move in YouTube circles and are a gamer, then perhaps you've seen those popular "Teens React" or "Kids React" videos floating around. If not then let me bring you up to speed first before we move on. The videos center around how kids and teens respond to certain events and things in society.

It can be anything from the famous "Leave Britney Alone" video that made Chris Crocker so well known, to playing a simple video game and seeing what their thoughts are on it. In an ever changing world different young folks will respond differently to any one thing, so the test is to see how multiple kids will react.

The end result can be quite funny and entertaining. This time we focus on what is likely one of the best video game consoles in gaming history. The almighty Nintendo Entertainment System, or 8-bit NES for short.

Back in early 1980s, when the Atari revolution boom was taking place, you had fly by night company after company hopping on board to take advantage of the popular game system that was sitting in practically everyone's living room. The Atari 2600 was taking off like no one's business, and as with any new market you will always have those who just want to cash in on the franchise.

Unfortunately, a market that has no quality control is doomed to fail not long after it began, and in 1984 the bottom fell out of the market and very few buyers were still interested. The industry had become so polluted with less than par quality games like the awful E.T. The Extra Terrestrial that gamers were simply left in the dust and had lost faith in game consoles.

Fortunately a Japanese company called Nintendo had come to the rescue by introducing a new system known in their country as the Family Computer, or "Famicom" for short, and thus renamed it to the Nintendo Entertainment System.

After a demonstration in New York, the system soon took off in more ways than one, introducing Super Mario Bros. and even RPG based games like Zelda. Konami was on board as well, bringing hit titles like Gradius, Contra, and Castlevania. Other lesser known but great games included Bayou Billy, Mission Impossible, Track & Field 2, and even The Goonies which was based on the movie. 

Nintendo also had a strict requirement for its third party developers, and that their games must meet certain quality guidelines in order to be allowed publishing. This was necessary in order to prevent what happened in 1984 with the Atari, since its birth the 8-bit console lasted pretty much an entire decade with games being released all the way into the mid 1990s.

But still, a time before the kids in this video were even born. So they aren't aware of all the beautiful information I just fed you, and of course their reaction will be somewhat different than the tear jerking ones you and I have for this ever aging system that gave us so much. Can I get a cheer or two from a brother and a sister?

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