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Kim "Kanonarm" Köbke plays Gyruss for 49 hours and doesn't break a sweat

October 21, 2014

Have you ever played a game so long that you started to see things? I mean getting to the point to where you've stared at an arcade monitor playing for so long that you start to drift into a bizarre world? One person has done just that by the name of Kim "Kanonarm" Köbke, and while doing it has broken the world record for the classic arcade game known as Gyruss.

Produced by Konami and released back in 1983, Gyruss is one of those timeless gems that must not be forgotten. It has been hailed as somewhat of a cross between the Namco classic Galaga, and Atari's well remembered Tempest game.

Kim had built up an incredible 62,200,250 points after 49 hours, 16 minutes. His original goal was to shoot for 100 hours, but after warping past Neptune and Saturn and playing for almost 50 hours straight, the Danish man started to see things before his eyes, meaning that playing the game for such an extended period of time was starting to get to him.

I can certainly see why. Imagine playing for such a length of time, no water, no food, no bathroom break. Unless you did that sort of thing that Cartman did on South Park in the episode "Make love not Warcraft", but I won't get into that of course.

They wanted to stop him around the 50 hour mark when Kim suddenly lost his last ship. The original record was set at 47,024,400 points, which is far under Kim's new score, and had held its own since 1987.

Posted here are a few of images to bring you up to speed, along with a video of game play from Gyruss as played by "World of Longplays", plus the Twitch feed link to Kim actually in the process of playing the game himself. Enjoy and post your comments and feedback below on what you think of it if you like.

via ChassisArcade
via Twitch

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