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Koji Igarashi rises from the ashes to produce a Castlevania style game called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

May 11, 2015

Update - Project is funded and the game is now in development.

He is back. You're cries, your tears, your screams were heard and were not in vain. For years now, ever since the release of Order of Ecclesia in 2008, and for some fans even before that,  you have longed for a new Castlevania game. Well, here it is.

Not Castlevania itself mind you, since that name is the property of Konami, but a game like Castlevania. Seriously, as really close as it gets to making one. Why is that? Because Koji Igarashi himself who produced Castlevania games for 20 years, along with game music composer Michiru Yamane who created the music are at the helm and making it.

This time, Mr. Igarashi himself will be in full control, doing what he has always wanted to do. To create the perfect game, with more bosses, more enemies, more weapons, and more modes of game play. This time he will be calling the shots, and from what we've seen so far with two in game screen shots, it looks like history is about to be made.

The world will know that there is a huge demand for this style of game. With that, then maybe the game producers of the world will get their heads out of their rear ends and start producing more of them.

For too long the world has been starving for this type of game. Too many fans have asked for it, only for the market to change and move on to meteorcre titles. It's really sad that games like Grand Theft Auto V and 3D only titles are the only ones staring us in the face. It's time to go back to the roots, and start giving gamers a game that will continue to be fun and enjoyable long after they purchase it.

Why do you think games from the days of the Super Nintendo, Genesis, and classic Arcade are always being released on Playstation Network, Xbox Live, and Virtual Console? Maybe it's because there is a demand for it? Of course there is.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the name, and looking like Symphony of the Night on steroids seems to be Igarashi's game. This is a Kickstarter funded title, and as I speak, the $500,000 goal needed to fund the game has already been exceeded, with more than a month to go. As I watch the Kickstarter page, the backers and pledges are going up in real time right in front of my eyes.

Now tell me again that this type of game is outdated. It isn't, and I hope developers out there will jettison their egos long enough to see it. People want it, and the demand is high as a kite.

If that wasn't the cream of the crop, you also have Castlevania music composer Michiru Yamane on the project, along with Metal Gear's Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter as the voice of Gebel. Indeed, the man behind the tactical espionage action game now has a home with Igarashi with this project.

A blast from the past for a type of game that should never have been put down by the developers out there. This is what happens when you get rid of all the chiefs, and let the Indians do their job the way they want to do it. Get rid of the upper management that's breathing down your neck, and the inspiration flows like it should.

If the gaming industry worked like that more often, there would be less crappy games floating around out there.

No on to the meat and potatoes of all this. Check out both the concept art, and the pitch video starring Koji Igarashi, and his statements behind his new Castlevania style project. Also be sure to check out the Kickstarter page, and make your pledge today! Don't delay, as there are 32 days left in the campaign, so get your donation in now and secure your very own copy of this game before it even goes into production. Even a donation as little as 5 dollars is appreciated.

Although the initial goal has already been met, a new message beyond that needs to be sent. One that shows the world how much support and desire there is for a new game like this one. Be sure to listen to the two tracks by Yamane and Yamada below as well. I've already recorded and converted them into MP3 tracks for your convenience.

Kickstarter BloodStained: Ritual of the Night

Game Characters




Theme of Bloodstained.MP3

Cursed Orphan.MP3

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