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Konami and Dungeons & Dragons join forces with casino slots

October 9, 2014

Konami and casino slots, I bet some of you never knew did you? Recently they've just released new slot machines with a "Dungeons & Dragons" based theme design at this years Southern Gaming Summit and National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Gaming Show. There are two versions of the famous D&D brand, Conquests & Treasures, and Enchanted Riches, which are shown in the photo below.

“Konami has a long history of providing games that perform well based on solid math models, game features and game mechanics,” according to Matt Reback, who is vice president of marketing at Konami Gaming.

“We built our Dungeons & Dragons games in close collaboration with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast in order to deliver an entertaining fantasy-themed game based on the classic adventure game, D&D. We are also excited to offer a premium product that has been merchandised in a manner befitting the world’s leading fantasy game brand and designed to stand out on any casino floor.”

Along with these cool machines, Konami has been known to make slot machines based even on their own games, such as a pachislot for Akumajo Dracula (Castlevania), Contra, (Super Probotector & Gryzor), and yes, even Suikoden! Visit those links to see those examples, and you might be amazed. Makes you want to own one for your living room doesn't it?

For more information on Konami Gaming, as well as other related news on casino and SYNKROS, please visit the official site here.

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